Rupeek Gold Loan Phone Number and Customer Care 24×7

 If you are also thinking of taking a gold loan and are thinking of taking a loan from Rupeek Gold Loan, then you have to read this post till the end, after reading you will know that Rupeek gold loan phone number and what is Ruppek Gold Loan.

What is Rupeek Gold Loan.

Rupeek is a gold loan company that provides instant gold loan. Some terms and conditions are also applicable for that and there is some process, all this will be done easily.

 Do you want to take a gold loan at a cheap interest rate in the offer, then rupeek gold loan can prove to be a good option for you.

Rupeek Gold Loan Phone Number
Rupeek Gold Loan Phone Number 

Tell that Rupeek company is a non financing banking company. Which provides many other types of loans apart from gold loan.

Rupeek Gold Loan Phone Number.

If you are searching for Rupeek Gold Loan phone number or not getting Rupeek Gold Loan phone number, then we will tell you the phone number and contact number.

  1. Rupeek Gold Loan phone number is - 1800 419 8000
  2. Rupeek Gold Loan Email address - [email protected]

This information has been taken from the official website of Rupeek.

Rupeek Gold Loan term and Conditions.

There is no need for any special qualification to take a gold loan, there are minor conditions in it.

  • You must have gold on which you will take gold loan.
  • You must be over 18 years old
  •  Must be a citizen of India.
  •  Keep in mind to get gold loan
  •  The purity of jewelery should be above 18 carats.
And you can read the official term and condition of Rupeek Gold Loan link.

Rupeek Gold Loan Interest Rate.

On taking Rupee Gold Loan, the interest rate ranges from a minimum of 10.5% to a maximum of 18%. And from time to time some offers are also provided. Keep in mind that the interest rate is calculated on an annual basis.

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